My Shed Moved!

So now comfortable with the new water feature design, I planted heavily all around it to soften the edges of the tank. I introduced aquatic plants and placed chunks of colored glass around the new “dry creekbed” for some elevated color. Our lot faces due West, so early evenings, with a low setting sun, produces a good light show- the glass chunks glow like One-Light Charcoal.  My garden has a large 
number of ornamental grasses (more info later) to take full advantage of this.  
I buried the Cyprio UV filter in the ground and fed the water pipes through some 
painted PVC pipes to give it a finished look, and to hide the ugly pipes. It was time 
to move on to the rest of the yard.

Colored glass chunks and mexican gazing balls offer the illusion of water, especially when backlit
from the sun.

Surrounding heavy folliage embeds the tank into a naturalistic setting – Burgandy Cannas 
contrast their broad-leaf foliage against a swath of Inland Sea Oats which spread out every 
year – adding to the naturalistic design. The pond is flanked by two Silver Arizona Cyprus 
“silver smoke” trees that were 2ft tall about the time I was swinging my sledge hammer. 
A Loquat tree now grows on the summit of the hill – it will provide a  tropical backdrop to 
the scheme when mature. The Cat-Tails in the pond never fail to get 9ft tall even though 
they are totally root-bound.

So it was time to move the shed and for some reason I was dreading it. In my mind I had built it up to the equivalent of moving a house – it was going to take ages, be expensive and logistically how is it done anyway?  We found a company in the Yellow Pages, they arrived, jacked up the shed, rolled it on PVC pipes to the back of the lot, and turned it around – they weredone in 40 minutes! amazing.

This is where the shed was:

It basically blocked the view to a large section of the yard, it was a solid shed 
though (albeit it beige) – it even had electricity – but it had to be relocated. As a 
side note the entire back yard has been designed around the view from my 
back deck, moving the shed was an easy decision. Painting it was even easier.


The Garden Shed, moved and painted.

Stay tuned for:      
“Never Sleep in a Cactus Bed”

Interesting things in my yard right now . . . 

Perhaps someone can help me identify this – I think it is Frog something?

Amaranth plants are about five to                      New growth trumpet of a Canna Lily
seven feet tall when mature, and 
are dicots (broadleaf) plants with 
thick, tough stems similar to 
sunflower. I have loads coming up
everywhere – one of my favorites!
great foliage – great seed-heads!


Guara / whirling butterflies, named         Artemisia “Powis Castle”
for the way the blooms move in the 


H.R.Geiger would be proud                            Indian Blanket Flower

     Taro Bloom                                     Butterfly Iris                            This Anole needs a new tailor

All material © 2008 for east_side_patch. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. 



~ by eastsidepatch on May 3, 2008.

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