“Texas Bugs are from Outer Space”

This one’s cloaking device was damaged when it crash landed in a local playground – the “wessle” (as commander Pavel Andreievich Chekov annoyingly immortalised) was about 15ft long. The alien crew communicated via a series of rather annoying high pitched rattles and shrills. I tried to communicate back using similar pitches – but it seems I offended them with my limited grasp of their highly sophisticated language. They turned the nose of their craft to the heavens and imediately hit the “oh please, lets just go button”.
Quote: “These “Humans” are an intriging race – they are made out of “meat” – they communicate by flapping their “meat” (The Embassidor of the 5th Dynasty of Cicada’s).
“Oh, and a message to the entire fleet: we mustexterminate the male known as “Chekov” before he has chance to coin another equally irritating Russian phrase”


If you made it all the way through that link, now you are in the mood!
This type of emergence is reminiscent of an H.R. Geiger movie. I was very happy to capture this private moment on reel, illusive creatures that they are. It is amazing that they actually “fit” into their previous form.

This spider species Argiope aurantia is commonly known as the Black and Yellow Garden Spider or Writing Spider. This female of the species is striking in appearance with distinct yellow and black markings, including banding on the legs. Despite the vivid color, this spider is well camouflaged, blending in easily with partially sunlit areas on the planet Earth.These spiders are not dangerous to people. Yellow garden spiders breed once a year. The males roam in search of a female (nothing new there – garden habitats, bars, night-clubs etc.), building a small web near or actually in the female’s web, then court the females by plucking strands on her web. Often, when the male approaches the female, he has a safety drop line (think,”Mr and Mrs Smith”) in case she attacks him. After mating, the male dies, and is sometimes then eaten by the female.

No I will Eat Her!       A spider massage is so relaxing, up and to the right a little, yes right there!

Sadly I see less and less of these beneficial spiders in my yard, perhaps as a result of East Austin’s development or perhaps they have found a better planet to inhabit.
I have two other aliens I need your help on . . . this one:

What is this furry guy?
and this one I posted when I first started this blog:

Can you see this master of stealth – really can you? – this was on my Post Oak. It reminds me of :

This guy ! – to much high fructose corn syrup? this is what will happen to you!
 I was amazed to see this little guy entertaining on an intergalactic cruise we embarked on some months back, – he has come a long way since since his interior compost pile existence. . . . from rags to interplanetary riches!

His sister also departing to seek her destiny.

This ship has a map inscribed on it’s exterior –  amazing!

Live long and prosper my friends.

Stay Tuned for:
 “Gardening in a furnace”


~ by eastsidepatch on June 8, 2008.

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