“Ten Teeshirts Later”

Today I finished hacking at the lower slopes of my K2 decomposed granite delivery mound, and it has finally gone!

I finished off most of my pathways, the ones at the very back of the yard still need yet more moss boulders to line the edges, but these can wait a while. I am officially over wheelbarrowing this stuff to the back of the yard in this heat, the rest can wait till the fall. I have run out of cold turbans and teeshirts and enthusiasm at this point anyway…now It is time brush the granite from my teeth and sleep for three days. Job done.

Hardscaping completed, lavender bed waiting for soil prep in September.
New flagstones layed in.     Wandering paths, you can see the future lavender bed (central).             

A new pathway.

While I was taking that last picture I had an idea for a "Door to Nowhere" positioned in between the Mexican Bamboo and the Pampass. I am thinking of installing a fake doorway, it is a perfect spot especially now that a new granite pathway winds itself right up to the chain-link fence. I am envisioning an old Mexican door with a vine over the top of the frame? It would make the yard psychologically larger.

I humped this section of gate to the area and positioned it vertically to 
see how something like this will look.

You get the idea! I can but dream… I think this Texas 
summer heat is finally getting to me!
While I was rooting around under the Pampass grass I caught this Sphinx moth relaxing in the shade.
Sticking on insects for a minute, I have been trying to get a good shot of a yellow jacket for some time, and this chap proved to be a bit of a poser. I managed to get right up to him as he landed on some sea oats without getting stung. He was drinking out of the pond for some time before settling here. Click for a better view!

Oh perhaps just a few more…
I caught this Swallowtail on my Pride of Barbados, it seems like I got lucky today, getting up close to all these creatures. The orange spots on the Swallowtail’s wings and body really pick up on the plant in shape and color.
Check out the eyes! The Barbados even has antenna to really mix it up!
Kaaboom! I love this plant, in fact I have planted one in the middle of my circular bed. A true firework in form and totally lethal if you get close to it …the last picture was taken looking down onto it, it reminds me of…
I’m givin’ er alls she’s got captain! were at warp nine already…any mere an she will blow!

Other Mick Jaggers right now:
Great "painted" brushstroke coloration on these new Giant Timber culms.
Succulent getting ready to flower..

Soft Muhly!

Spikey octopus

All material © 2008 for east_side_patch. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

Stay Tuned for:
"Bugged Out"


~ by eastsidepatch on August 10, 2008.

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