Picture This Photo Contest


Here is my entry for
August’s “Down on your Knees”
Picture This Photo Contest at

                              Cattail Sparklers.Typha latifolia
These fluffy, white seeds were once used for stuffing blankets,
pillows and toys. Native Americans would put them inside
moccasins and around cradles, for additional warmth,
but don’t talk to me about additional warmth
right now! 


~ by eastsidepatch on August 7, 2009.

9 Responses to “Picture This Photo Contest”

  1. Congratulations, ESP! Just read that you won the Gold Prize for this wonderful photo. Pretty cool.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Congratulations! When you posted this earlier, I knew there was not poing in anyone else entering if they wanted to win.

    • Les!
      I have read these two comments numerous times and laughed and panicked at the same time…did I write poing? and where? I am totally confused!!! It does sound like something that would happen to me though! Trust my ty’poo’ to say that! I am so happy that the typo did not ‘put off’ the judges :-)

      Still laughing…ESP.
      Hope you had a good happy hour Les.

  3. That should be “no point” and not “not poing”. Sorry for the typo, but it just became happy hour here.

  4. Oh, this is such a silly place! What fun. I’ll just quickly add my congratulations on winning Picture This with your outstanding photo. And how great that you have a spiffy new home to display your gold medal!
    -Nan at Gardening Gone Wild

  5. Hi Nan.
    Happy you find the Patch as silly as I do, a mad place with even madder characters (both alive and dead)!
    I want to thank you Nan and all at GGW for hosting the format that enables us, the amature photographers of the world, a format to hone our skills and enter such fun competitions.

    I love my spiffy new medal!

    Still grinning,

  6. Congratulations. Yours was definitely my favorite blog I discovered through the contest. I’m happily following your feed now.

  7. Glad you found the ESPatch, and glad you have suscribed to the patch…I hope you will continue to track my madness!
    I always love new intergalactic visitors.
    Stay tuned, ESP.

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