“Deadliest Patch”


You made it!

Hello, and welcome to a new East-Side-Patch over here in WordPress. I hope my old friends will resubscribe to this feed and to any new readers, welcome. I have been at http://east-side-patch.livejournal.com/ for over a year and felt the need for a change. It is going to be an “adjustment” to say the least, learning a new navigational structure.  I have a considerable amount of image reformatting to do in my archives that will keep me off-the-streets throughout the dark winter months, but the good news is that all of my old journal imported!


“That’s a-good ESP”

The deadliest patch

A long time ago, a small fishing vessel left port bound for the deep waters of my stock pond. The men kissed their wives and loved ones goodbye and took their positions on deck. The boat was in the fishing grounds two days later and the first nets were cast into the murky ink waters. The scream of the pulleys and the grinding of the winches was the tell-tail sign that the crew had netted something large.


Everyone leaned out over the side of the vessel to see what they had netted…


The creature snipped through the net and clawed it’s way onto deck, amidst the screams…

It is believed today the creature the men netted was an ancient dragonfly nymph, though the real truth lies in the murky depths of my stock tank.

 Creatures of the Deep 

Before I give anyone nightmares, I’m off to figure out how to change the font-size in WordPress? Anyone?

Stay Tuned for:

“Pressing” along



All material © 2009 for eastsidepatch. Unauthorized 
intergalactic reproduction strictly prohibited, and
punishable by  late  (and extremely unpleasant)
14th century planet Earth techniques.

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~ by eastsidepatch on August 23, 2009.

21 Responses to ““Deadliest Patch””

  1. Well, hello cactus man!

  2. Enjoy every blog! It’s amazing what you see to write about even in this hellish heat.

    • Hi Gail.
      Still getting to grips with WordPress, I know there has to be a font sizing tool somewhere, I know there is! :-)
      These “monsters of the deep” are something to be reckoned with!
      Sweet Dreams.

  3. i like it!

  4. Your new site found its way here. Maybe now I can leave my name as something other than anonymous.

    • Hi Les, glad you made the jump over here with me!
      The commenting structure it seems is a lot easier in WordPress.
      Now if I can only make the text a little larger!

  5. Congrats on the new blog! Love the photo in the header.

    BTW, your user pic of the cactus man is when he was in his prime isn’t it? As I recall, he didn’t look so good at the end :)

  6. Hi there, momomom in LJ. My other blog is http://carla-toadabode.blogspot.com/. I look forward to seeing what you do here! Carla

    • Hi Carla. Thanks for popping in.
      I will check out your other blog as soon as I come up for air!

  7. Hi and thanks!

    Also thanks on the header front – I finally have one that somewhat reflects the “Patch”…the joy!
    You are right-on with the cactus man, this was taken in his very short lived “prime” period. I thought I would immortalize him by chosing him as my new online avatar!
    And oh! you should see him now, yes he is still in the garden, he looks like a shrunken head with the heat-wave we are perpetually enduring in Texas. I will post another horrifying picture soon.
    Nice to meet you!

  8. Ah, a blog by any other delivery system will still read as sweet! Great to see that you haven’t shriveled up like Cactus Man but merely moved the patch to a new spot in the sun. Looking forward to many more wonderful rides together.

    • Hi TD.
      Thank you!
      I feel like the Cactus Man right now, it is so depressing seeing all of the casualties, drying up and croaking in the patch. I just got back from the side of my house that I rarely visit. It looks like my pink jasmine has some serious “issues”. I fear I may have noticed it too late!

      Glad to have you along.

  9. Congratulations on the photo contest win. When are you giving lessons? Won’t it be fun getting all those lovely plants from HCG? I love that place and especially their catalogue. They have neat plants. Love your new site, it is so much easier to comment!

    • Hi RR.
      I have never won anything photographic, so I am thrilled! It just took me two hours to figure out how to get the GGW gold badge uploaded into WordPress! I need lessons in this it seems. I am happy with the new site, though it takes me a lot longer to navigate, I am sure with time it will get easier, and great to hear that you find it easier to comment! This was one of my biggest beefs with LJ.
      Cheers J,

  10. Congrats for the photo contest win. So many entries, too. You must be very pleased. Now ‘fess up – you going to sell some photos to help pay for the water to keep your new plants alive until it rains here? : )

    • Hi TD.
      Thanks, it was a great way to start my day – it made my morning cup of tea taste even better than normal!

      I have been divining with birch twigs recently in a desperate attempt to locate a subterranean water seam or well in the patch. All was going well until it turned 3.00pm and the twig/rod I was using, self combusted in my hands!
      I will try to keep these plants as cool as I can till the fall planting, hey, I have an outdoor refridgerator.
      These sporadic showers are just teasing us it seams…I hold the firm belief though, that we are in for a totally soaking wet fall! Really! Just to rot all my succulents before the winter freezes them.
      Gardening would be no fun without the unpredictable elements would it?

  11. Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

  12. Philip, your photo was a real winner. I’m thrilled that it won first place. I bet your little munchkin is too. Congratulations!

  13. Thanks Pam.
    It was a really nice surprise!

    I walked out into the garden this morning and the bog cyprus tree in my pond had been blown down in last nights storms (once again) – this time the tree smashed about half of my cattails! Ah the irony! The sparklers will be burning dimly this year it seems.

    That tree is out of there in the fall!

    Cheers Pam.

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