One Last ESP Move!!!!

Hi Everyone, I hate to do this but “The East Side Patch” has moved one last time. I have spent the last few days acquainting myself with all of the nightmares associated with hosting my own blog, I have to say it has been one steep learning curve. I am mentally exhausted. Anyway here is the final URL  address for my new blog. I know I have been hopping around quite a lot as of late, but I hope you will visit my new site and once more update your feeds. Why another move?

Well, I felt the need to control my own blogging destiny, once and for all. The new site offers a much larger content viewing area and a lot more design flexibility, two things I felt was lacking in my WordPress hosted site.  Apart from that I wanted my own domain name!

I would love to know how it is working for all of you, and would appreciate any feedback? In the meantime I am working through the site to update my blogroll and iron out all of the bugs!

I appologise for making you all subscribe to the ESP once again. I am confident that this will be the final time you have to do this, I promise…ESP

You can suscribe to my new blog here:


~ by eastsidepatch on September 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “One Last ESP Move!!!!”

  1. Grats on your final blog site and permanent domain name!

    • Thanks, It HAS been a bit of a navigational struggle. I never knew I would have so many passwords and login ID’s for so many systems and services! This is another world!
      A daunted, ESP.

  2. Hi, I am using the self-hosted version of wordpress too. I got the site hosted on Godaddy and while it was a bit confusing getting it set up, I am very glad I did. I like having control over the blog and the domain much better. So glad I found your blog through

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